“Wrap the Rishi Sunak Budget Celebrating Banners” – Letters from the Readers

Reader unconvinced by Rish Sunak’s ‘gift’ to Scotland

It is of course our own money that he allows us to recover, not the largesse from the United Kingdom. Those who support Scotland’s vassal status in the UK should note that Scotland collectively receives around 60% of the taxes levied in Scotland, and this year, with oil prices expected to hit $ 100 a barrel, Scotland’s oil revenues will help the Treasury even more. The reality is that Scotland’s daily budget will decrease by 7.1 percent in real terms next year and capital spending by 9.7 percent.

And given the damage the UK government has inflicted on Scotland through Brexit and its incompetent handling of the covid pandemic, this increase is an insult.

Rishi Sunak’s budget has been described by the Institute of Fiscal Studies as “really horrible”. Still years of barely increasing real incomes, high inflation, higher taxes, low growth, keeping the standard of living virtually stagnant for another half a decade ”. It’s your union dividend!

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Mairianna Clyde, Edinburgh

Ken Currie has obviously fallen in love with the smoke of Tory PR and the mirrors of the budget proposals as we in Scotland pay our share of UK taxes and the reality is that in terms of cash the OBR predicts that UK borrowing will be £ 183bn next year plus inflation up to five percent will eat away at the £ 4.6bn pledged. In addition, Scotland’s resource budget is down by seven percent from last year.

Boris Johnson’s disastrous decisions on Covid have resulted in the need to borrow so much and although Scotland voted overwhelmingly against Brexit, we continue to pay a heavy price with a 4% drop in UK GDP. No trade deal with New Zealand can compensate for the loss of 27 single European markets.

Westminster’s direct funding for Scottish communities and councils is a deliberate attack on the powers of Holyrood and comes from Internal Market and Shared Prosperity funds, designed to replace money from EU programs that have supported various projects. The Scottish government administered the EU regimes. If London distributes that money directly to Scottish councils, it crushes the democratically elected Scottish government and another Westminster takeover.

Trade unionists may think this is wheezing, but those in a Labor or Liberal Democrat party should ask themselves if they consider it acceptable if their party were elected by us to be in power in Scotland. .

It appears that the bishop’s bench designated in the House of Lords (the so-called Lords Spiritual) has united in opposing the choice of assisted dying for the terminally ill.

Martin Warner, Bishop of Chichester, said “God does not hurt people”.

How many esoteric and hollow concepts to bring to an important and nuanced moral debate!

Of course, individuals may have religious beliefs that influence their own opinions, but do not give them a seat in government.

There can be no clearer example of the need to end the unelected power of Anglican clerics in the British legislature.

Neil Barber, Edinburgh Secular Society

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