Why would you want to forgo a £ 1million marketing budget?

Planit is an award-winning agency that works with some of the world’s best-known brands. After working on a number of start-ups, Planit has launched its Founder’s Unique Solution, a flexible-price, full-funnel customer acquisition program that is currently driving growth with over 20 scale-ups in the UK. -United.

Through their work with one of these brands, they met Juice Ventures, who immediately saw the benefits of the Planit Founder solution. Planit and Juice are now working on more than ten different growth projects for B2C and B2C brands, with growth rates of up to 5,000%.

The combination is effective; Planit provides a strategy of customer acquisition, media buying and real-time reporting on key metrics of volume, CPA, ROI and LTV. Juice provides business planning, financial advice, treasury support and access to the ongoing marketing budget, ensuring that marketing spend is outside of overhead and other business requirements.

To mark the launch of Juice Ventures, the company has taken the unprecedented step of offering User Acquisition (UA) funding of up to £ 1million for your business. The funds will be offered without interest or fees on an unsecured basis

Steve cox, CEO and founder of Planit spoke with Jamal Hirani, founder of Juice Ventures, explains why he wants to lend £ 1,000,000 at no cost:

Steve: So, Jamal, you always seemed to me to be a pretty sane guy, why would you take the risk of lending such large amounts of money without any obvious benefit?

MDR! We’ve created this unique offering to celebrate the launch of Juice Ventures and so that as many businesses as possible understand who we are and what we can do to increase their levels of success.

Steve: Okay, I understand that you are passionate about helping to increase the reach of this next phase of growth. Tell me where did the idea come from?

Juice Ventures was founded by marketers and entrepreneurs like myself who understand the process of growing a successful business. We believe that a critical part of a successful business is marketing your business well. In today’s world, it is known that your biggest expense and your biggest reason for failure is marketing.

Therefore, in order to overcome this hurdle, we created Juice to help founders grow their business solely through user acquisition funding, without giving up any capital of their business.

Steve: So what’s in it for brands? Aside from short-term access to cash, couldn’t they borrow the money elsewhere?

Compared to other credit companies, we distinguish ourselves by offering much more than cash. We offer a whole host of marketing support, through our own in-house creative designers and UA specialists, who will walk you every step of the way, ensuring that every penny you spend through us is not wasted. In addition to our own team, we have many relationships with other well-known agencies that companies can partner with to help them with their marketing, advertising designs, etc.

Steve: Literally the million pound question – how would a business go about being lucky enough to receive funding, and what is required?

Any UK business looking to expand their digital marketing is viable to receive this unique offer, to grab up to £ 1million in UA funding,

To apply, companies must visit our website, www.juice.ventures, where they are able to complete step 1 of the application process. The first step will involve some basic questions. The second step will involve more in-depth questions, so that we can get a feel for their marketing data and basically find out what makes their business work and what makes it special.

The third and final step will involve a full due diligence exercise on their business, their finances. Our DD team can also request to meet them via a zoom call or even face to face!

Our lucky finalists will appear before a selected jury, comprising some of the best business / fintech / venture / tech executives in the UK… the names will be revealed later.

It’s important for businesses to remember that since the covid epidemic, the pivot to a more digital landscape, which was already underway, has definitely been accelerated by the pandemic. In addition, with the rebound in the UK economy, now is more than ever time for companies to step up their marketing so that they can set themselves apart from their competitors.

The offer we are currently promoting will certainly help businesses do just that, with up to UA 1 million in interest-free and cost-free financing! Businesses will also benefit from direct access to our own internal growth team and creative designers! It’s honestly a dream come true for all founders!

Thank you for your time today, I totally agree that digital is the place to be, and that you are offering something unique that will allow start-ups to focus on growth rather than fundraising. For more information, please contact [email protected] or [email protected]

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