The Senate enters the game of postal reform; Strong bipartisan support

In the wake of last week’s House action on postal reform, the Senate this week stepped into the game by introducing complementary legislation, the Postal Reform Act of 2021, to address financial, service reforms. and transparency from the USPS. This bipartisan legislation, led by Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Chairman Gary Peters (D-MI) and Ranking Member Rob Portman (R-OH), is in substance identical to the legislation of the same name. which was approved by the House Oversight Committee. Last week.

The bill was introduced with strong bipartisan co-sponsorship, including nine Democrats and eight Republicans, which bodes well for the committee passage and – ultimately – 60 votes on the final passage.

Like its House counterpart, the law focuses on key financial reforms long sought by the printing and courier industry, including: 1) eliminating the onerous pre-financing requirement for retirees; and 2) integrate postal retiree health care into Medicare. According to Senator Portman, these two reforms alone would save USPS $ 45.9 billion over the next 10 years. The law would also codify the USPS 6-day delivery service standard, which would create more certainty for shippers, publishers and advertisers who rely on current delivery standards. This is all news welcomed by PRINTING United Alliance.

However, this bill does nothing to address the dramatic rate increases that shippers see as a very frightening and very real scenario. Congress appears determined to push forward with financial and services reforms, but to date it has taken a no-interest rate approach.

PRINTING United Alliance and its allies will continue to urge Congress to improve the Postal Reform Act of 2021 to include guarantees against postal rate spikes that would reduce mail volume. If you are an owner, employee or customer of an affected printing company, please take action here (and now) OR send “Mail” to 52886 to make your voice heard on Capitol Hill. Let your lawmakers know that you support the law, but that tariff-oriented provisions must be included in order to ensure meaningful postal reform.

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