The House Republican Commitment to America

With the determined, methodical, and systematic leadership of Leader Kevin McCarthy, House Republicans are poised to make history — just as much as the contract with U.S. Republicans did in 1994.

Mr. McCarthy and his team are developing a commitment to America. Having been involved in Ronald Reagan’s 1980 efforts, the 1994 contract, and John Boehner’s successful 2010 campaign to retake the House, I can report that Mr. McCarthy’s effort is the most problem-developing effort important, most inclusive and systematic I have ever seen.

Leader McCarthy knows that this election, and the following two years as a majority, have a simple mission. In his words, it’s about “saving America.” The planning I observed during my visit to the party’s annual political retreat in Florida was undertaken with this great challenge in mind.

If Mr. Boehner’s winning slogan was “where are the jobs?” the House Republican Party’s battle cry in 2022 will be “we can’t afford it.”

The impact of gasoline prices – and even more so the impact of rising food prices – will dominate all policy discussion this year. The policies of the Biden administration and the votes of House and Senate Democrats for those policies made it clearer to the American people that they could not afford the Democrats. Every Republican House leader has pointed to the centrality of food price increases — even more so than gasoline — and their impact on minorities who are far harder hit than woke professionals with good incomes.

McCarthy, Whip Steve Scalise, House GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik, and Congressional Republican National Committee Chairman Tom Emmer all stressed that this was a broad-based election. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to reach people who have never been a Republican but are suffering every week trying to make ends meet. They simply cannot afford the Democrats’ senseless policies.

As an example of the momentum Emmer and the NRCC are building, a new poll from New Jersey (barely a red state) shows a 3% Republican lead on the generic ballot. Importantly, he reports a 19% lead among independent voters. In a Joe Biden state carried 58-40, his job approval is now down 8% among all voters and 33% among unaffiliated voters. Inflation and the cost of living are by far the biggest issues. Some 90% of voters agree that inflation needs to be solved. Republicans are more confident in taxes (up 16%), the economy and inflation (up 13%), and crime (up 12%).

Clearly, House Republicans want to build on the momentum and create dramatic generational change. The top three House Democrats have a combined age that is 10 years older than the length of time America has had a constitution. Nancy Pelosi is 82 on Saturday, Steny Hoyer is 82 and James Clyburn is 81. That’s an average of 82 years and his 245 years combined – that’s 1777.

In contrast, the top three House Republicans total 150 years. Mr. McCarthy is 57, Mr. Scalise is 56 and Ms. Stefanik is 37. That’s an average age of 50 — 32 years younger than Democrats.

Additionally, the Congressional Research Service reported in February that the average age of House members was 58. Thus, the Republican leadership is eight years younger than Congress, while the Democrats are more than two decades older. Thus, a Republican House victory will be a true revolution in America’s generational perspective and understanding.

This generational shift was on display when Chief McCarthy took a group of Republican members to MIT for a short course on artificial intelligence and quantum behavior. They talk to Cal Tech, Stanford, and other notable institutions about creating a series of House Republican learning experiences. They want to make Republicans the party of innovation and the party of the future.

Mr. McCarthy wants to focus on four main goals: safe communities, a safe economy, the success of our children and the accountability of government. Following a practical, common-sense conservatism that implements positive change to achieve these four goals will create a tremendous opportunity to refocus America away from big government socialism and back toward positive, effective, problem-solving self-government.

The new House Republican team is determined to replace Ms. Pelosi’s despotic perversion of the House of Representatives and transform it once again into the “House of the People”. You can expect bold, dramatic changes to a more open and citizen-friendly House from the first day the Republican majority takes control on January 3, 2023.

I had the honor of being invited to the Congressional Institute’s conference for House Republicans. Chief McCarthy had asked me to be the keynote speaker for the first night of the three-day planning effort.

I emphasized that this was an American election and that we needed a commitment to all Americans – not just Republicans. I reminded them that in 1995 we had an average of 63 Democrats voting for each of the articles of the contract with America. When the conference report on welfare reform was presented — the biggest conservative welfare reform of our lifetimes — Democrats split 98 to 98 for and against the bill. I have emphasized passing legislation with overwhelming support from the American people — and working through committees to gain support from Democrats when possible.

The Congressional Institute under President Mark Strand did a great job creating an event that families could attend. It was fun watching Mrs. Stefanik play with her 5 month old son over dinner. The spouses really appreciated and enjoyed being invited as well.

On Wednesday afternoon, I heard briefings by pollsters, Dan Conston’s report on the American Action Network, the Congressional Leadership Fund, and an amazing report by Mr. Emmer.

Early voting begins 29 days before Election Day. I can hardly wait. Public disgust at the Biden-Kamala Harris-Pelosi-Chuck Schumer failures is so great that we could well see a historic victory leading to the biggest House GOP majority since 1920.

More importantly, it could be the largest American majority our country has ever seen.

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