The federal budget offers Ukraine up to $1 billion in loans and $500 million in military aid

Total contributions are $2.8 billion to support the fight against Russia

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Canada will offer up to $1 billion in new loan funds to Ukraine through the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and provide another $500 million in military aid, the Liberal government said Thursday.

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The federal budget announcements mean Canada has now pledged more than $1.2 billion in direct contributions and offered up to $1.6 billion in loan support to Ukraine.

“This support has helped respond to the humanitarian crisis and ensure that the Ukrainian government can continue to provide essential services,” the budget said.

Canada will offer Kyiv up to $1 billion in new credit funds through a new managed account for Ukraine at the IMF.

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Canadian troops have been training Ukrainian forces in the west of the country since 2015. In January, Ottawa said the mission would be expanded.

Canada, which has announced more than $90 million worth of lethal and non-lethal weapons to Ukraine so far, said Thursday it is proposing to allocate the additional $500 million in fiscal 2022-23 to further military aid.

The statement did not give any details. Canadian officials say they have no more stockpiles of anti-tank missiles, small arms and ammunition that could easily be sent to Ukraine.

Canada is home to approximately 1.4 million Ukrainians, making it the second largest Ukrainian diaspora in the world.

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