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Richard Tice, head of Reform UK, spoke to GB News Dan Wootton to discuss the Conservative Party’s reaction live.

Mr Tice teased the GB News audience by suggesting that many Tory MPs want to quit the Tory party because they are unhappy with Boris Johnson’s leadership and the direction the party has taken, with the introduction of some laws.

In recent weeks, the PM and top Tory MPs have come under fire for alleged rule violations during last year’s lockdown.

Mr Tice also promoted his own party and hinted that many Tory votes might vote for them instead in the future.

Mr Tice said: ‘They are no longer the Tories, I have called them for six months the con-socialists, they are the party of high taxation, high regulation, which means low growth and wages lower.

“So in a way they’re like Labor, so they’re both socialists and that’s actually not what the people who voted Conservative in the last election, including many Red Wall voters who had never voted Conservative before.

“So they look the other way and they say who is going to stand up for decent ordinary British workers. And you saw last week the biggest tax increase we have seen in this country in some 60 years.

“People are realizing that you can’t trust a single word, not a single word from this government. Passports for vaccines, basically taxes, they said they wouldn’t increase them and now they have increased.

Mr Tice added: “The kids, they said they wouldn’t sting them now that they sting them, they ignored the advice so you can’t trust a word of what they say. People are saying who else is there and people have come and said in fact, there is the Reform Party.

“We are for lower taxes, smart regulation, high growth, we have a conference at the end of this month. We thought we were going to make it easier, so we have it on the same day, in the same city. than the Conservative Conference.

“It will be nice and easy for people to cross the street, maybe one or two MPs are disillusioned, maybe they will cross the street.”

Mr Wootton said: do you need a high profile defection to really be present at Westminster? “

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Mr Tice said: “Obviously I couldn’t reveal the negotiations live, but …”

Mr Wootton said: “Are there any Tory MPs, without naming names, and have they approached you?”

Mr Tice said: “There are some very disgruntled Tory MPs who realize that this is no longer the party they thought they were, and they can’t trust what their leaders are saying, they just don’t recognize not the prime minister like the person who was elected on December 19th and they are very, very worried. “

In recent weeks, Task Force Europe chief negotiator Lord Frost has resigned for lack of agreement on the adoption of certain new regulations by the Conservative Party.

Lord Frost made a statement explaining the reason for his resignation, Lord Frost said: “I left the government, as I think is well known, because I could not support certain policies, most recently on the COVID restrictions and Plan B.

“If you are a minister you have to support collective responsibility, you have to support government decisions, and I couldn’t, that’s why I had to leave.

Asked about Prime Minister Lord Frost, he said: “Absolutely confident that this country has a great future under Boris Johnson’s leadership if we can put the right policies in place, I have no doubts that he is the man he is. ‘it takes to move the country forward.

“I do not support coercive policies on COVID. The Prime Minister has some very difficult decisions to make and I am sure he will think hard about them.”

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