Podcast: Experts speak out on land reform

The decision to amend Article 25 of the South African Constitution – allow the expropriation of land without compensation – failed. In this weekend’s Farmer’s Inside Track episode, Annelize Crosby, Land and Legal Affairs Manager at Agri SA, takes a look at the issue.

The proposed amendment failed at parliamentary level, attracting less than the mandatory two-thirds of parliamentary votes. Crosby says Agri SA is happy with the result.

“The land debate over the past decade has become increasingly radical, and we hope that this attempt to amend Article 25 now marks the end of this radical approach to land reform. We realize that a lack of agrarian reform is probably linked to this climate of radicalism around land.

Title deeds are an important part of the conversation, Crosby adds, explaining that it is a mechanism of true empowerment for South Africans.

“We believe that the outcome of the debate is positive for the future of South Africa. It is extremely important that we now make real progress in land reform in a sustainable manner and we believe that this should happen within the existing political and legislative framework.

And after?

Crosby says the blended finance program and the draft farm master plan are potential tools to more effectively address the lack of progress in land reform. She said Agri SA hopes these programs will lead to growth and investment in the agricultural sector, as well as agricultural expansion.

“We believe that the conclusions of the high-level panel report in 2017 were correct and that Article 25 is never an obstacle to land reform. There is actually a long list of other factors named by the high level panel, and these include things like a budget that has never been enough, poor implementation, corruption and a lack of political will.

Crosby says the next step for the sector is to review the recommendations made by the 2017 report and ensure land reform policies are implemented effectively. “We need to make sure that the agricultural master plan and blended finance programs are implemented as soon as possible. “

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This week’s episode also features an agricultural lawyer Katlego Ngwane and Dr Jack Armor, commercial director of Free State Agriculture. Click on one of the links below to listen to the discussion:

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