Mum-of-seven gives generic-looking IKEA high chairs a designer new look with stunning makeover

Any parent looking for a high chair knows that it can cost between £15 and £699. But one mum has revealed how to turn the most basic £15 IKEA Antilop high chair into a gorgeous designer style chair on a budget.

Kim Pate, 37, a mother of seven and kitchen assistant at a secondary school in North East Lincolnshire, bought a set of IKEA Antilop high chairs for her five-month-old twin daughters, Rhonnie and Coco. Using Frenchic paint and Instagram-bought accessories, she made the basic chairs look like they cost hundreds of pounds.

Kim told the DIY On A Budget UK money-saving Facebook group: “I started following a page on Instagram a few months ago called AZEbabydream and I really liked the idea that you could buy the accessories to transform IKEA Antilop high chair.You can choose any accessories to mix and match as you like.

“The high chairs are from IKEA and cost £15 each. The accessories were from AZEbabydream and I opted for the dotted insert and cover for £22.50.

“The soft peach silicone placemat is £22.50 and the oak ottoman is £24. I also ordered some vinyl names to put on the ottomans which were £2.50 each from Heathershomevinyls on Instagram I had a can of Blackjack Frenchic paint left over from another project so I painted the legs with this.

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“In the past I’ve opted for larger, bulkier high chairs that recline and have height adjustments etc. However, I decided we needed two for the twins, these- These would fit better into our home being smaller and more compact, and easier to clean.

“I also love that I can change out all the accessories when I feel like a color change. My twins haven’t started weaning yet. We’ll start about next month when they’re six months old.

“One of my twins is currently wearing a spica cast due to hip dysplasia so it will be a little longer before she can use hers. I’m really happy with how they went and I got a lot of comments about them.

“I made a video on my TikTok @mummytopatetwins page because I thought other parents would also like to see how you can change a simple high chair into something a little more stylish. Personally, I think it’s a better choice for us cost wise as I was able to purchase the high chairs and accessories separately over time instead of shelling out a large sum all at once.

“We managed to get two of these for about the same price as other more expensive high chairs, which is a bonus with having twins as everything obviously costs double!” Tom Church, co-founder of, comments: “I recently had a baby myself, and I know how expensive it can be to buy seemingly millions of products that only last a few month.

“Kim showed that you don’t have to compromise on style – she bought the cheapest high chair on the market, but made it look even better than some of the more expensive ones on the market, all with a limited budget!

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