Moving tips: 9 things to know

Budgeting for your move

Between the movers, fuel, and supplies, the costs can add up. According to recent data from AngiFor example, the national average for a short-distance move is $1,400 and can be significantly higher if you’re moving abroad.

Whether you decide to do the move yourself or hire professional movers, there are also many unexpected expenses that can arise during a move, which is why creating a moving budget is a financially sound move.

Below are the key points to include in your budget depending on how you and your family are planning your move. As a starting point, it may also be beneficial to: a moving costs calculator for a very general and basic estimate of what it might cost to move your zip code.

Professional movers

Using professional movers, whether your move is local or out of state, will be the most expensive option. While costly, professional movers take a lot of the stress and headaches out of a move because they can physically handle the loading and unloading of boxes, the assembly and disassembly of furniture, and even help with packing for an additional fee.

Below are some of the most common costs that go into professional movers’ fees.

  • Labor costs (usually billed per hour)
  • Truck rental costs (usually billed as a flat fee plus fuel costs)
  • relocation insurance
  • Special Item Fees: Certain items like pianos, expensive artwork, oversized items like pool tables and safes sometimes have a special fee depending on the mover
  • Special packaging such as mattress bags, TV boxes and furniture packaging
  • Cash for tips at the end of the day

move yourself

Even if you don’t pay for the labor with a professional mover, most do-it-yourself moves require hiring a truck along with other expenses:

  • Special moving equipment such as carts and trolleys (these are free with professional movers)
  • crates and packaging material
  • Cost of truck rental itself
  • Gasoline for the truck
  • Food and drinks for everyone who donates their time to help you move

Moving abroad

Moving abroad requires additional planning and (probably) expense. Whether you hire professional movers or do your own move and rent a truck yourself, out-of-state movers should plan for the items listed above, as well as additional considerations such as: e.g.:

  • Overnight stay (if required)
  • Travel expenses for several days (e.g. food, petrol for your car)
  • Additional fuel costs (when using a professional mover)
  • Temporary accommodation if you cannot move immediately

Additional costs

Regardless of how you choose to move, there are also additional costs that may vary depending on your circumstances. These costs should all be considered and factored into your budget in order to get the most accurate estimate of moving costs possible. Items like:

  • childcare
  • animal care
  • Professional cleaning for the house you are leaving or moving into
  • Storage fees and costs, for example if you need to bring some items into a storage unit.

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