Kishida expresses his will to reform the UN

Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio has expressed his willingness to engage in efforts to reform the UN and its Security Council.

Kishida was answering questions about Russia’s aggression against Ukraine in a Diet committee on Monday.

A lawmaker pointed out that trust in Russia had been lost in the face of the situation in Ukraine. He referred to a past French proposal that would limit the right of veto of the permanent members of the UN Security Council, in the event of mass atrocities.

Kishida said the outrageous act by Russia, which is a permanent member of the UNSC, shows the need for a new framework of international order.

Kishida said Japan has always considered that the right of veto should be exercised with utmost restraint.

The prime minister said he wanted to continue UN and Security Council reform efforts with countries that are also seeking reform, such as France.

Kishida also said the situation in Ukraine made him recognize once again the importance of the Japan-US alliance and Japan’s ties with other countries.

Kishida stressed the importance of the United States’ commitment to providing extensive deterrence to Japan. He stressed that Japan should give due consideration to strengthening its defense capabilities through a review of national security and defense policies and other means.

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