I’m a millennial, people my age have no idea how to budget, here’s how I cook a week’s worth of meals for £20

A SAVVY grocery shopper has managed to pack six meals of food for £20 while shopping at Aldi.

TikToker Olivia, who calls herself The Motivated Millennial on social media, shared her tips for getting the most out of your money at the discount supermarket.


Savvy shopper Olivia took care of six days with just £20 at AldiCredit: TikTok/@themotivated_millenial

With everyone feeling the pinch of the cost of living, the 28-year-old Australian wanted to cut back on his food spending.

In the short clip, she said: “This week I challenged myself to get three dinners and three lunches for less than $35 [£20] just shopping at Aldi and whatever was in our pantry,”

Olivia managed to keep her costs below £20 and bought 13 items for the week.

The deli included pasta, carrots, stir fry sauce, chicken breast and noodle cups.

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The most expensive addition to his bag was a bottle of extra virgin olive oil which cost £4.

With budget ingredients, she managed to whip up beef pasta, chicken stir-fry and chicken tacos, while the lunch menu consisted of leftovers and instant noodles.

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The cheap shopper suggested others can cut costs by always checking what they have in the closet before hitting the stores.

She also suggested sticking to pasta and rice when your budget is really low and choosing the cheapest vegetables.

The video went viral with over 229,000 views and over 14,000 likes.

Other discount shoppers were impressed with his tactics.

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One person said: “Aldi is so underrated!”

While another added: “Wow thanks for sharing this!”

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