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The price of anything sold in any establishment is in the hands of the owner. You can remove VAT and all other charges on a commodity, but it’s now up to the owner of that business to adjust their prices.
No one can order him to. (As far as I know, this is how it works. If I am wrong, I am corrected.) We depend on the honesty and fairness of the business owner.
With the state of our economy right now and the losses that many have had to endure due to the pandemic, I wonder how much of our groceries etc are going to come down in price.
This is the bottom line (profits) being as huge as possible. This is what motivates many human beings: they want to live as “high” as possible. Who can blame them? It may sound difficult, but it is a reality. Someone will have to foot the bill, we the consumers. This is called business.
Just give it a few months and there will be another reason other assets will have to increase – and the cycle continues.
There will be clamors for a while, but citizens will have to dig deeper into their pockets, as usual, in order to live.
The late Calypsonian The Mighty Shadow (Winston Bailey) put it beautifully: poverty is hell, and there are many in T&T who can attest to that.
The cost of living plunges them further into poverty.
But where there is a will, there is also a way. Stay positive, keep the faith.
Arnold gopeesingh
San Juan

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