FinTech Stripe on a hiring wave to fill its first Canadian office in Toronto

San Francisco-based fintech company Stripe announced will soon be opening its first Canadian office in downtown Toronto, Ontario, and recruiting for positions in engineering, product development and sales.

The company will host a virtual event on October 13 to share more details about its new office and the positions it is looking to fill.

Since starting operations in Canada in 2012, Stripe claims that Canadian businesses have processed billions of dollars through the platform, from large corporations including Shopify, Speed ​​of light, Worker, and Clearco small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) such as Canadian BBQ Boys, Cabin landscape, and Super Soils.

“Toronto has dynamic startups, major financial services, and top tech talent, so opening an office was a natural next step,” said Yunong Xiao, Stripe’s chief engineering officer in Canada and manager. from the Toronto office, in a September 28 press release. . “Stripe has worked alongside Canadian companies for almost a decade now. With a new office and a host of new products, we will be able to help even more businesses and further accelerate Canada’s Internet economy.

New products

Stripe also announced the launch of four new products in Canada: Stripe Tax, Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD), Faster Payments, and a new smart reader for Stripe Terminal – BBPOS WisePOS E – in an effort to make it easier for Canadian businesses. . to start, develop and manage their business.

The company explains that Stripe Tax is a tool that allows businesses to calculate and collect sales tax, value added tax (VAT), and goods and services tax (GST) with a single line of code or with the click of a button, automatically collect the right amount of tax and access the reports they need to file returns.

As the name suggests, another newly launched product in Canada – PADs – allows businesses to collect large or recurring payments directly from their customers’ bank accounts, while the third product, Faster Payments, enables eligible businesses in Canada to access funds within three business days. Finally, the new BBPOS WisePOS E smart reader enables businesses to accept payments in person at their counter or from customers roaming in their store.

Additionally, Stripe has indicated that it will continue to recruit for positions as it expands its team in Canada and unveils more products for Canadian businesses. Those interested can find out more about the positions Stripe is hiring for on the company site. jobs page.

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