Reform Policies

Qdos research suggests room for improvement

IT contractors are expected to see an increase in the number of positions advertised outside of IR35 in the coming months, predicts contracting authority Qdos. This is following a survey the company recently conducted, with input from 1,846 UK entrepreneurs, on how their clients reacted to the start of the …

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Memorandum on Establishing Anti-Corruption as a Basic United States National Security Interest

Section 1. Policy. Corruption erodes public confidence; hinders effective governance; distorts markets and equitable access to services; undermines development efforts; contributes to national fragility, extremism and migration; and provides authoritarian leaders with a means to undermine democracies around the world. When rulers rob their country’s citizens or oligarchs flout the …

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“You are free to go. Please exit through the gift shop. The proposals would protect victims of crime and keep dangerous criminals behind bars Senator Patrick M. Gallivan (RCI, E ma) and members of the Senate Minorities Conference unveiled a parole reform program designed to protect victims of crime and …

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