Finance Debt

Open Finance – improve consumer credit

The consumer credit sector is arguably more open to change and innovation than most financial services, and therefore constitutes a beacon of opportunity for Open Finance. 15 million people in the UK lack access to affordable credit, creating huge disparities in financial inclusion. Credit risk assessments can unintentionally disadvantage people …

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Looking for a way out

As tourism struggles and tax woes loom, Central America and the Caribbean view commodities and technology as economic lifelines. Difficult times persist for the economies of Central America and the Caribbean, as tourism is not expected to begin to recover until the second half of this year, if it does; …

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Public debt abroad: why and how

Nurturing a relationship with foreign investors is especially important when it comes to the long-term goal of borrowing in the event of a calamity. The subjectspublic loans | Government debt There are three reasons in favor of public borrowing abroad. Such borrowing sometimes results in lower cost financing for the …

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