Budget vs big brand labels – and there’s a clear winner on preferred products

Researchers’ buyer taste tests reveal that private label brands are not only cheaper, but are often preferable when it comes to taste

Ditching big brands for supermarket own-label goods could save shoppers hundreds of pounds a year

According to consumer group Which? found.

Researchers conducting blind taste tests have found that supermarket own brands are often not only cheaper when it comes to basic necessities, but sometimes taste better.

Examples include baked beans where, which? said, buyers could cut over £70 off their shopping bill.

Budget chain Lidl’s Newgate Baked Beans – 32p for 420g, 8p for 100g – were rated as the best value option.

They cost less than half the price of Heinz beans, what? cost found £1 for a 415g box.

The savings are even greater for orange juice, at almost £100 a year.

Aldi was rated the cheapest with its The Juice Company smooth orange juice costing £1.69 per 1.75 liter carton – or 10 pence per 100ml.

Box of Heinz Baked Beans



By contrast, Innocent Orange Juice was the most expensive option at £3.60 for 1.35 litres, or 27p for 100ml, and came last for taste.

A third product tested was peanut butter, although the savings from switching to a bigger brand was much less, at £9.90 a year.

The testers compared popular peanut butter brands WholeEarth, Sun-Pat and KP to supermarket private label brands.

Lidl’s Mister Choc Crunchy Peanut Butter proved to be the best value, costing 85p for 340g – 25p for 100g.

At the other end of the scale was Sun-Pat, costing £2.50 per 400g jar – or 63p per 100g.

Other supermarket own brand products are ranked higher in terms of taste.

Big brand spreadable pot costs £2.49 per 250g tub – £1 per 100g – says which one?

Table for which? brand purchases

Yet Aldi’s Grandessa Mighty Yeast Extract was not only rated among the best for taste but also costs £1.69 per 240g jar – 70p per 100g.

It comes as figures from last week revealed shoppers are ditching big-brand groceries for supermarket own-brand ranges to save money amid cost-of-living squeezes. .

A report by numbers expert NielsenIQ showed that branded grocery sales fell 5.1% in the four weeks to March 26.

Sales of private label products declined less, at 1.9%, while private label packaged demand increased by 3.3%.

This means that the share of own brand products in all sales has increased from 52.4% a year ago to 53.2% today.

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Natalie Hitchins, Head of Home Products and Services at Which?, said: “Nobody wants to pay too much for basic groceries, especially when the cost of living crisis is putting enormous pressure on budgets for households.

“Shopping and buying own brand products is an easy way to save hundreds of dollars a year.

“Those willing to switch to a cheaper supermarket for their regular store are likely to find great value alternatives to their favorite brands – many even beating well-known rivals for taste in Which?” tests.

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