Aaron Zisser – Spotlight on San José

As an IPA from San Jose, Aaron reviewed Internal Affairs investigations into complaints of agent misconduct, including shootings involving agents, other use of force and racial profiling. He also made recommendations to improve SJPD policies and prioritized community outreach and engagement.

Prior to his work as an IPA, Aaron consulted with various Bay Area oversight and reform agencies including the Blue Ribbon Commission reviewing the Santa Clara County Jail and overseeing Illinois prisons. .

At the Department of Justice, Aaron has conducted investigation and monitoring of “models or practices” of correctional and psychiatric facilities, mental health service systems, and schools across the United States. In addition to addressing unconstitutional prison conditions – with a focus on solitary confinement, mental health services and the use of force – he also assessed whether states were providing community health services. significant mental and disability rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act and addressed the “school-to-prison pipeline” that disproportionately impacts students of color and students with disabilities. This work also involved developing partnerships with advocacy organizations and other community groups.

Aaron grew up in Campbell and lives in San Jose with his wife and two sons. He holds a BA in Comparative Literature from UC Berkeley and a JD from Georgetown University. In his spare time, Aaron is an obsessive reader of literary fiction, browses second-hand book stores, and volunteers for the San Jose Library Commission.

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