3 New Jersey teens arrested in stolen car case in Great Neck

Police say three teenagers were arrested in a series of break-ins and car thefts in Nassau County over the weekend.

News 12 learned that several groups were hitting different communities at the same time.

Police say three groups of Newark robbers were on Long Island on Saturday, breaking into cars and stealing
one of them.

Authorities say car thefts have increased by 206% this year and that criminals search open cars and check if there are any key fobs left inside.

One of the stolen vehicles was spotted on Northern Boulevard. Officials say the person driving intentionally hit a police cruiser and
then continued driving with a flat tire and front end damage.

The person then rammed two other police cars. A total of four police cruisers were hit, two of which were totaled and over $250,000 in damage Finished.

Police said three officers and two detectives were taken to hospital for treatment and some may have suffered career-ending injuries.

Police say three suspects, two 16-year-olds and one 17-year-old, were taken into custody and a gun was found in their car. One was detained because he had a warrant for his arrest, but the others were released.

“These people are coming out because of Raise the Age. We no longer detain them as adults and they end up going to family court. The other message we’re trying to get out to the public is lock your cars, take your key fobs. My cops get hurt trying to get your property back, that if it was locked we wouldn’t be in this situation,’ Nassau County said. Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder.

Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman said the robbery groups come here because of what he calls New York State. progressive policies like bail reform, which he says have do it state a less safe place to live and an easy target.

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